Terms of Service

When you purchase a High Descent addon you are guaranteed one month of usage, unless your account is deleted due to inactivity. Anything past one month will be provided if possible, but is not guaranteed.

The exception to the above statement is gold purchases. Gold bought before a seasonal reset will be lost with the reset. It cannot be transferred from one season to another.

When you purchase gold, or any other addon, there are no returns or refunds. Once the transaction is complete and you've been provided with the gold or addon the sale is final.

High Descent is a constantly changing game. When you purchase an addon, there is no guarantee that the game will stay as-is. You purchase addons knowing that if the game changes to your dislike, that there will be no refunds.

If High Descent experiences downtime there will be no refunds.

If High Descent deems it necessary you may be removed from the game permanently with no warning. All addons and gold purchased would be lost.

You may not claim to be a site administrator or authority of any type. You may not have a nobleman name that implies authority.

You may not engage in any malicious activity, including, but not limited to: hacking, stealing, multiple accounts, and flooding.

It is your responsibility to check back to these terms frequently for updates.

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High Descent is a free, browser based persistent game (PBBG) based in medieval times. HD first opened in May of 2001 and has been continually evolving ever since. HD is a online multiplayer game played in the browser, no downloads required! High Descent is a massively multiplayer online game, meaning that you compete against hundreds, or even thousands of other players all over the world.

The goal of High Descent is to ascend the ranks of nobility. To do so, you must assemble an army of mercenaries and bring them successfully into battle. But be sure to equip your mercenaries with the finest armor and weapons, or they will not last long.

The best way to learn about High Descent is to play it. It's totally free, and signing up takes only a minute.

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